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The objective of Solgenix’s pilot program partnerships is to develop new rural business models in emerging markets that once successful, can be implemented in other regions of the world.

Efficient mechanisms to provide financing for such energy customers are a key factor in the acceleration of rural energy access. Currently, Solgenix is partnered in two different pilot rural energy innovation efforts.

These pilot programs represent discrete approaches to working in the renewable energy space.

1) SOLUZ-SOLUZ HONDURAS partnership with financing entities

The goal of the pilot program with Soluz Honduras is to bring micro finance organizations and other financial partners (like agricultural cooperatives or savings and loans) to support rural energy customers.

Through partnership with local financial institutions, Soluz will offer product financing for the best prospects from their portfolio of solar energy customers so that the company does not have to finance their end users.

This partnership will create a “win/win” for all parties involved:

Consumers will be able to afford solar systems by getting them financed
through a local financial institution
Soluz will not have to finance end users and can use working capital to
grow their own business
Financing entities will gain increased access to rural customers

2) SELCO-SELCO’s partnership with SEWA BANK in Northern India

The Self Employed Women’s Association BANK or SEWA BANK is a microfinance organization run by and for women to support female entrepreneurs.

The pilot program with SEWA BANK and The Solar Electric Light Company or SELCO INDIA is an ideal partnership. First, SEWA BANK will -identify the best prospective micro finance customers from their portfolio who have a good track record of repaying loans.

Second, SEWA BANK will identify entrepreneurs whose businesses will become more competitive and sustainable through access to energy and SELCO would then provide assistance through the delivery of the appropriate energy service to meet that need.

This partnership will create a “win/win” for all parties involved:

SEWA BANK can lend more money to customers
This will, in turn, create expanded economic development
SELCO will be able to break into new geographic markets where they
have not been active previously