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A solar energy services company created to provide quality and affordable residential solar electric installations in the US. The company is comprised of a group of solar energy professionals dedicated to make it easy and convenient for consumers to buy solar electric systems.

With over 100 years combined experience in solar power and PV (photovoltaics), Standard Solar’s team of practitioners, installers, electricians and managers offer simple, cost-efficient and reliable energy services through their conveniently located Standard Solar Home Centers.

MindBody Online began in 1998 as a software consultancy, providing custom studio management solutions to Yoga, Pilates and Spinning studios. Today, MindBody Online assists Yoga and Pilates studios along with Retreat Centers, Day Spas, Dance Studios, and Fitness Centers looking to transform their businesses.

Its team of professionals provides integrated business and client management applications so that small companies can compete through improved information management.

Teresis Media’s hybrid team of professionals from the entertainment industry and technology experts brings a variety of customized digital content, production management services and tools to the television entertainment community.

Its service offering includes automation workflow management, searchable digital media asset library capability and integrated media editing tools for senior executives and producers.